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Are you in need of a website for your business? At Trigger SEO, we offer a comprehensive range of services including web design, website development, and SEO marketing solutions. Our commitment doesn't end with simply building your site; we focus on creating websites that are visually appealing and captivating, with the aim of attracting and engaging customers, generating leads, and bringing you new opportunities.


In addition to delivering stunning web designs, our websites are equipped with all the necessary tools for effective communication with prospects and clients, as well as measuring the success of your SEO efforts. Our dedication lies in exceeding client expectations through meticulous attention to detail, providing customer support, and being responsive whenever you require assistance. Say goodbye to the challenging days of WordPress!


Trigger SEO, situated in the heart of Bend, Oregon, is a trusted partner of Wix, having successfully created numerous Wix websites for businesses of all sizes. Our aim is to alleviate the pressure of website design projects by guiding you effortlessly through the entire process. Our team of expert developers comprehends the art of crafting visually appealing sites that are easy to navigate, complemented by branding that perfectly suits your business. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to help you maximize the potential of your Wix Website.


We build professional website designs for Professional Services,  Contractors, Home Services, Landscaping Companies, Restaurants, Breweries, Tap Houses, Real Estate Agents, Property Management Companies, Gyms, Home Gyms, Personal Trainers, Fitness Centers, E-commerce and online stores, Automotive Industry, Hair Salons, Electricians, Plumbers, Home Builders, Custom Home Designers, Interior Designers and more! 


Our Premium website build includes

up to 10 Pages

Mobile Friendly

Video Effects

Graphics & cutouts

Online Booking

Added Features

E-Commerce Set up

Live Chat

Monthly Conference

Annual wix website plan

Annual Domain purchase

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We create user- mobile friendly websites that are easy to navigate on mobile devices. Our designs are optimized for search engines and tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.


Our websites attract customers, generate leads, and attract new opportunities.

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Were you aware that a staggering 55% of small enterprises in Central Oregon do not possess a website?


Over the course of the past two decades, the realm of website design has undergone significant transformations, and we have had the privilege of being right in the thick of it. Web designs have progressed throughout the years, and so have the standards that accompany them.


In the early 2000s, a mobile-friendly (responsive) website was a concept that was virtually unheard of in Bend, Oregon. However, in the present day, if your website in Redmond, Oregon is not responsive, Google will downrank it in its search results. These are concerns that you should not have to burden yourself with while managing your business.


Entrust it to us, your marketing experts based in Redmond, Oregon, and we will elevate it to the pinnacle and ensure it remains there!

When Trigger SEO, located in Bend, Oregon, constructs a website for your company, you are not only acquiring an attractive and cost-effective website, but also receiving a potent marketing bundle. With a combined experience of over four decades, we specialize in logo design, social media management, professional photography, search engine optimization (SEO), video production, branding, packaging design, and design concepts.


We integrate all of our expertise and knowledge into every website design we create. Since your website serves as the central element of your marketing strategy, it acts as the focal point for all your online endeavors. Our dynamic websites have effectively assisted numerous local businesses in Redmond, Oregon to expand and enhance their sales figures.

Trigger SEO was established with the intention of providing business owners with a reliable and comprehensive marketing agency. Just like you, we are a small business and our aim is not to drain your finances. Our websites are built using the Wix platform, allowing you to easily make minor text modifications if you prefer. However, if you would rather not handle updates yourself, don't worry, we have got you covered.


Our yearly fees are very reasonable and we do not follow the typical approach of charging by the hour like most website companies. Instead, we offer affordable flat fees on a yearly or monthly basis. Our reasoning behind this is that hourly fees can become complicated and it is difficult to determine the exact amount of time a web designer spends on minor adjustments. We eliminate the hassle of billing and exorbitant charges.



What is the reason behind our choice to utilize the Wix platform for website development?


For more than 6 years, Trigger SEO has been engaged in constructing and designing websites using the Wix platform. We are recognized as a Wix Certified Website Legend Partner and have recently been honored with the Wix Partner top 100 accolade, which is based on the high-quality and substantial quantity of Wix websites we have created.


Our decision to adopt the Wix platform stems from its exceptional user-friendliness and our admiration for its drag and drop approach, also known as data-driven design. Additionally, we have access to the cutting-edge Wix Editor X.


We take advantage of the platform's various special features to tailor websites to suit individual needs, such as incorporating an online store, a hotel reservation system, and an advanced blog manager.

Although some customers may have reservations about the effectiveness of Wix websites, we have a plethora of stunning Wix websites that we have skillfully crafted throughout the years. These websites are not only visually appealing but also highly functional on mobile devices.


Rest assured, we are committed to delivering exceptional website design projects within a swift three-week timeframe in Redmond, Oregon. Our team will collaborate closely with you to bring your long-awaited website vision to life.

Our services include designing websites for real estate, restaurants, automotive companies, landscape firms, electricians and plumbers, e-commerce businesses, equine-related ventures, house painters, custom home builders, car wash facilities, and many other industries.


We build professional website designs for Professional Services, Contractors, Home Services, Landscaping Companies, Restaurants, Breweries, Tap Houses, Real Estate Agents, Property Management Companies, Gyms, Home Gyms, Personal Trainers, Fitness Centers, E-commerce and online stores, Automotive Industry, Hair Salons, Electricians, Plumbers, Home Builders, Custom Home Designers, Interior Designers and more! Trigger SEO is a revolutionary website design platform that allows users to easily and efficiently create their own professional and visually appealing websites. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop features, even those with limited technical knowledge can design a stunning website in minutes. One of the standout features of Trigger SEO is its emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO). The platform is specifically designed to help users create websites that are optimized for search engines, ensuring higher visibility and increased organic traffic. Trigger SEO provides users with a range of SEO tools and features, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and meta tag management, to help improve their website's search ranking and attract more visitors. In addition to its SEO capabilities, Trigger SEO offers a wide range of customizable templates and design elements. Users can choose from a variety of sleek and modern templates, or they can start from scratch and create a completely unique design. The platform also provides a library of high-quality images, icons, and fonts to enhance the visual appeal of the website. Trigger SEO also integrates seamlessly with various third-party tools and services, such as Google Analytics and social media platforms, allowing users to track their website's performance and engage with their audience across different channels. The platform also offers responsive design options, ensuring that websites created with Trigger SEO look great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. Furthermore, Trigger SEO provides robust hosting and security features. Users can rely on the platform's reliable hosting infrastructure, which guarantees fast loading times and minimal downtime. The platform also offers SSL certificates and regular backups to protect users' websites from potential threats and data loss. With Trigger SEO, the website design process is not only simplified but also highly efficient. Users can easily make updates and changes to their websites, even after they are published, thanks to the platform's intuitive content management system (CMS). They can also take advantage of the platform's built-in analytics and reporting tools to gain valuable insights into their website's performance and make data-driven improvements. Overall, Trigger SEO is a comprehensive website design platform that empowers users to create stunning, search engine optimized websites without the need for extensive technical skills. Whether you're a small business owner, a freelancer, or an aspiring blogger, Trigger SEO provides all the tools and features necessary to build a professional online presence and attract more visitors.

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